Like all other services at LEFT, the pre-packaging service operates on customer order. The requested products are part of a rich and varied stock of products that are a real pleasure for the palate! The pre-packaging at LEFT is done very carefully and rigorously to preserve the quality and safety of the products throughout the cold chain, starting from production until the moment of use.


It is a completely personalized service that allows the customer to properly select the products from the rich stock of agricultural products and foodstuffs available at LEFT. Among the selection criteria, we name: the caliber, the flavor, the aesthetic aspect...


Food packaging is a packaging that temporarily contains a food to isolate it from its environment, protect it, preserve it, transport it or to enhance it for a commercial or aesthetic purpose. The inner layer of this package must be "suitable for food contact". The packaging must also show the nutritional information and the shelf life expiration date (SLED) of the food. LEFT is committed to packaging all products in the best conditions. Several materials can be used for food packaging manufacture.


The delivery service at LEFT is characterized by 3 main assets: free of charge, high quality and deadline compliance. In fact, LEFT has invested significantly in an arsenal of refrigerated trucks at the forefront of technology. These trucks protect the various products from environmental risks that can affect quality. The delivery is done FREE with a commitment of deadline compliance.

Delivery of LEFT products is provided free of charge by employing an arsenal of refrigerated trucks that minimize the environmental impact that can affect the quality of the products. Thus, the products arrive to the customers completely unharmed. Also, LEFT undertakes to respect the delivery deadlines in a permanent concern of satisfaction of its many customers who continue to trust it.