Ideally located in the heart of the agricultural zone of Tazarka and Korba (Nabeul Governorate), LEFT benefits from all the advantages of production and marketing offered by the very fertile region of Cap Bon. In addition to this, LEFT has been able to stand out from the many competitors located in the same region through a set of successful practices, which we invite you to discover below.

LEFT now has its own farm

Faced with a demand that continues to grow, LEFT decided to enrich its sources of supply through the acquisition of a farm. Furthermore, having your own farm, allows better control and better monitoring of the entire agricultural process, from planting to picking.

The proximity of suppliers

One of LEFT's sources of supply, the region's agricultural producers are selected carefully and thoroughly, in order to guarantee the recognized quality of the various products of LEFT. In addition, quality is guaranteed throughout the year, thanks to the proximity of suppliers. In fact, the proximity reduces the transport time before packaging and processing, which contributes significantly in preserving the taste and flavor of fruits and vegetables.

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