About us

  • LEFT (Les entrepôts frigorifiques de Tazarka), created in 2012, is a subsidiary of the Jabeur Chabouh Group. Its area of activity is the production and marketing of frozen or fresh agricultural products (fruits and vegetables) and foodstuffs (juices and jams).
  • LEFT is located in the fields of Tazarka in the heart of the Cap Bon region which is known for its mild and sunny climate and fertile soil
  • LEFT is the Tunisian market leader with a market share exceeding 70 %.
  • LEFT products are ISO 22000 certified.
  • In addition to carefully selected local producers (suppliers), LEFT has its own farm.
  • LEFT sells, itself, its own products starting from pre-packaging and selection until free delivery.

LEFT is a reference in the Tunisian agriculture and foodstuffs industry. Born from the passion and expertise of its founder, Mr Jabeur Chabouh, and established in the heart of the Cap Bon region, in Tazarka (Tunisia), LEFT has been the guarantor, since 2012, of a unique and authentic taste quality of its vegetables, fruits, juices and jams. Whether frozen or fresh, LEFT's products have unique qualities of flavor and qualit.

Being a leader ''is a real challenge!''

"It is more difficult to stay on top than to get there" said Mia Hamm. Concerned with this reality, LEFT, which already dominates the Tunisian market (up to 70%), is implementing all its expertise and its competitive advantages to conquer new markets in Tunisia and abroad ( mainly Middle East and Europe) until almost total domination. This goal is Legitimate and perfectly feasible because all the technological, human, logistic and financial resources, are available to achieve it!